The date files available for download below present orphan enzymes and supporting data collected as part of the work described in our paper Finding sequences for over 270 Orphan Enzymes.

Think you have a new orphan enzyme or other information to add to our database? Please let us know by using our contact form. Read our Frequently Asked Questions page for guidelines about submitting new orphan enzymes and other updates.

Open orphan enzymes

This database file lists all of the known “open” orphan enzymes (as well as orphan enzymes we resolved during the project). These “open” enzymes are validated orphans for which we were unable to find sequence data in the literature, patents, or databases. These orphan enzymes will likely need to be identified via computational prediction or by identification in the laboratory.

For each orphan enzyme, we include its EC number, the enzyme’s common name, and any special notes about the enzyme that might be especially helpful in identifying it (e.g. if N-terminal sequence data is available).

Orphan enzyme supporting data

This database file lists the supporting data we have collected from several thousand publications. Each row in this database lists the EC number of the enzyme it is associated with, followed by the source of the data (often a PubMed ID, but sometimes a patent number or a simple text citation). Other data include whether the paper includes purification or assay protocols, molecular weights, isoelectric points, whether a paper includes kinetics data, and other notes that may be of interest to people trying to resolve an orphan enzyme.

Download the data files

You can download all the orphan enzyme data from the paper or here:

Table of all orphan enzymes – resolved and open
Table of all supporting enzyme information