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05 Oct

Contributors info added

You can now read more about individual team members and their contributions to OEP at The Team.

The Current OEP Team:

Former OEP Team Members:

Special thanks to Kristian B. Axelsen from UniProt for his contributions in valuable review of our orphan enzymes data. We look forward to publishing the paper soon!

03 Oct

OEP is getting populated

We’ve been diligently updating the website with new content and now it’s looking like a proper website!

Please click around the various pages in the menu bar to see the changes (because we added content to everything).

19 Aug

Welcome to the new OEP website!

We’re excited to announce the birth of the new OEP website!

As research becomes more publicly available, expect updates such as a searchable database for the status of your orphan enzyme.

Meanwhile, tutorials on how to resolve orphan enzyme and find homes for them will become available as they are completed.

Thank you!

The Orphan Enzymes Project is led by Clover Collective
Supported by NIH grant GM086755